Harish Dhanian

Bowling style
Right-arm Fast
Batting style
Right-hand Bat
Playing role
All rounder



Harish Dhanian was born in the state of Haryana where athletes have brought the most medals for India in summer Olympics. He embodied the sport traditions since childhood and played multiple sports, Cricket and Volleyball. Cricket has been his first love. He is highly dedicated, passionate and committed for the game of cricket. In cricketing circle, he is fondly called Chaudhary. Harish has impeccable ability to strike the cricket ball cleanly. His cover drives pierce through the fielders, his flicks struck awe in opponents, his short arm jabs travel like bullet, his square cuts blaze past point, and his lofted shots sail out of the ground. 

Harish plays as a proper all rounder for the Sharks. It would not be justice to his skills to call him batting or bowling all rounder. Beside being a power hitting batsman, exceptional bowler and marvelous fielder he has a great cricketing mind. His presence of mind is extraordinary and he constantly evaluates the situation, and shares insights with captain on the field. He is an attacking batsman and aggressive bowler who loves to take the matter in hand rather proactively. He feeds on going on the field in a pressure situation, counter-attacking and getting his team home.

In addition to the gift of perfect timing with bat, Harish has exceptional comic timing and amazing sense of humor which never fail to bring laughter on or off the field. He has a special skill to come up with witty remarks spiced with sarcasm which not only lifts the moral of the teammates but also put opposition under pressure. Simplicity is his virtue and a bottle fill with Chai or Lassi is his signature. He often says “Dudh Dahi ka Khana Tension Q Lana”.