Akhil Linga

Bowling style
Right-arm Medium
Batting style
Right-hand Bat
Playing role
All rounder



Akhil Linga was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Since his childhood days, he was very much into every sport, cricket being his favorite. At 13, he started to take professional coaching lessons in cricket. Due to his board exams, he had to stop the lessons at 15. After graduating and getting a job, his passion for sports has led him to develop a new set of football skills. Spending more than half the week playing football and badminton has kept him active and fit throughout his time in Bangalore.

After pursuing his Master’s degree in Germany, his passion for cricket rose. He is a right-arm fast bowler with the ability to bowl a very deceiving swing delivery. The previous seasons (before 2024) haven’t been his best as he thinks he could’ve done a lot better. Of course, his vigorous training to improve mental toughness and physical strengthening continues every day. His quick feet have always come in handy on the field. Being calm throughout the game has helped him understand and develop the game scenario even better. With his recent improvement in his batting skills, his exploration journey for new skills has taken off a mark in the sport of cricket, and as he always believes “The best is yet to come. “Off-field, he’s an artist (charcoal, lead), photographer (published his book), and hiker.