Sai Krishna

Bowling style
Right-arm Spin
Batting style
Left-hand Bat
Playing role
All rounder



Meet Sai Krishna, a distinguished left-handed batsman hailing from Coimbatore, India, a city that has forged his resilient spirit. Aged 28, Sai is renowned for his timeless patience and innovative approach to the game, making him an indispensable middle-order batsman for any team.

Sai’s repertoire includes powerful cut shots and lofted cover drives, showcasing his prowess on the field. Currently captaining the Hawks team, he exemplifies proactive leadership and strategic acumen, leading his team to numerous triumphs.

Not only a formidable batsman, but Sai also excels as a sharp and no-nonsense fielder, occasionally showcasing his bowling skills. Off the field, he unwinds with his mates, indulging in lively gatherings and relishing the camaraderie over a cold beer. Sai Krishna embodies the perfect blend of cricketing prowess and off-field charm, making him a true asset to the sport.